Twitter Transcript: #MinecraftED on Assessing/Demonstrating Learning with Games Like Minecraft

Another chat I happened to stumble on tonight was #MinecraftED’s. I found it via the #minecraft tag, and wanted to check it out, mostly because I love Minecraft and its capabilities for education. The other part happens to be because of my Minecraft Makershop session this June.

This chat was hard to keep up with in addition to #wvedchat, but I made it work. I came in about 15 minutes after it started, and spent a lot of time lurking instead of replying. For those who may not know the term, lurking is a good way to get a feel for a chat and whether it’s a good fit for you. You sit back and watch the chat as it happens, participating if you can. If it moves too quickly, that’s when it’s time to grab the transcript once the chat is over with.

#MinecraftED meets every Tuesday at 8 PM as well. Mark Grundel (@mgrundel) and Garrett.Z (@PBJellyGames) are the founders of the chat, and ones to follow for notices about the chat itself.

Read all about this week’s topic here!

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