Update + Alien Encounter Basic Computer Knowledge Lessons

Summer break has hit, and I’ve slacked on doing much work educationally so far, as I’ve been attempting to catch up on other things that I’ve cast aside during the school year. I’ve worked on my guitar some more, cleaned the apartment, spent time with my favorite daycare kids, and started trying to learn Python. I’ve also taken the time to up my workout routine. Now that it’s July, it’s time to begin letting my mind ease back into what I want to accomplish during the rest of the summer before I head back to work.

I’m going to soon begin working on my presentation materials for the West Virginia Statewide Technology Conference. I have two sessions to present, one of them being educational blogging. I need to also work on my technology resource wiki, and add more resources, as well as revamp some of the sections of the wiki itself.

Since I’ve been slacking, I’m going to share the links to some lesson plans I did using the GRASPs method. These 3 lessons are meant for K-2 and can be used in yearly succession for basic computer skills, or modified to be used on their own. All materials are included. Please give credit if you use!

Alien Encounter I (Kindergarten): http://tinyurl.com/pzk29sr

Alien Encounter II (1st Grade): http://tinyurl.com/o4gm2bz

Alien Encounter III (2nd Grade): http://tinyurl.com/o8gs6sj

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